I have a problem in production, so I hope who can answer my question that showed below

When I create a BOM with 1 line, typically: 1 product A is make by 4 component B. And then I setup scrap on BOM A is 50%.

When I create a production order with quantity is 100 A. I think when start this order, the system will have to produce 150A because I setup SCRAP on BOM is 50% before. But the system just produce 100A.

Can you explain this? Maybe Scrap should be declare on item of BOM?

For example, % error of a finish product is 50%. When customer order 100 product, we have to produce 150 product because scrap is 50%. How I do it with AX?

Thank and regard

Where exactly are you setting the scrap % - on the BOM line? This relates to the component.

Do you want it to tell you to produce 150 to ensure you get 100?

Yes, I am having a similar problem. I run planning & I want AX to tell me to produce 150 to ensure I get 100?(currently the planned orders generated just 100 without considering the scrap values that I entered at the BOM level)

Thanks in advance.

Hi Adarsh,

AX has a different point of view. Scrap is setup at the component, not at the finished good.

In other word, you want to produce 100 items, then you create the production order with 100 as qty. But the consumption of material is 150% of the BOM quantity, which does make sence e.g. your BOM quantity for material is 4 and scrap % is 50%, then it will tell you that you need 4100150% = 600 of material.

It works in the same way with master planning.

Hi Khue,

Thanks for your reply. However, my problem is that the AX master planning is creating Planned Orders for the BOM component for 400, instead of the expected 600.

I have been trying to enter data into the constant and/or variable scrap fields in the Reference Tab of the Inventory Management → Items in AX for the BOM component involved.



You need to add them into the BOM - the item card is used to populate the BOM, but entering them on the Item card and not the BOM line does nothing.

The FullScope Process add-on allows the definiition of scrap at an item level affecting a batch yield and the ability to suggest a production order for 150 to make 100 form memory.