SchemaError, "Unsupported metadata source code" for generated AIF Employee service

hello all,

I created AxdEmployee query for AIF employee service and assign EmplTable of its data source.

when I generate document service with this query then I get ‘SchemaError’ as status and “Unsupported metadata source code” of error message.

we are using AX2009 SP1.

does anybody experienced this case or know why??

please advide me. thanks in advance.

Hey David,

I got the same error, while I was trying to create AxdProject service. The only solution I found (I don’t know if is a good one, but it works) is to change the name of query, something like “AxdEmplTable”, later, in AIF document creation wizard, it will appear an error about duplicity in the name of document, just add a character to the document “EmplTables” and then, service will be working.

I’m going to research if there’s a reason to this, I’ll tell if I found something.

Bye bye