I have an interesting question… how can I tell AX that I want a specific part number to run the first week of every month.

We are setting up a “flow line” assembly area that builds the same part every week, example, part 1 and 2 run the first week of the month, part 3, 4 and 5 run week 2 and part 5 and 6 run week 3. The last week is left for anomalies, rework etc. Does anyone hav a suggestion for this?

Thank You.

Yes Jamie, create a Property for each one of those parts, then relate each of those weeks in the calendar with each of those properties, and select Finite property. AX will schedule in those weeks only items that has the correspondent property.

Unfortunately I am having difficulties with your suggestion, can you elaborate on the steps involved to make this work.

First create the properties, in your case I would say: Week#1, Week#2, Week#3. To do this go to Production control\Setup\Resources\Properties.

Then assign each part, the week (Property) you want it to be scheduled. Go to Product information management\Common\Released products, click Edit, go to Engineer section, Production, Property (you’ll see here the properties you created). For Part#1 you should select Week#1.

Then go to your production calendar, Organization administration\Common\Calendars, select the calendar you use for scheduling, and press Working times. For every day, in the lower panel, you should select the Property you want to be considered for scheduling. The first week of each month should be completed with Week#1.

Then in Production parameters, Standard update, select Finite property, so every time you run scheduling, the property will be considered when scheduling parts.

When you run scheduling the system will know that the first days of every month, only Week#1 property will be manufactured, therefore only products with Week#1 property will be scheduled there. You need to do the same with Part#2.

Parts 3 and 4 should be assigned with Week#2 property, and the calendar should be completed with Week#2 property the second week of every month. And parts 5 and 6 assigned with Week#3, the same process in the calendar.

Week#4 property won’t be necessary and the fourth week of the calendar should be leaved with no property as you will be scheduling there anything you need.