Scheduling in 3.01

With the scheduling feature of Navision Service Management you can schedule some job at client level. That means that you must leave a computer connected to the server for all the night (or the day) for that purpose, consuming a licenced connection (yes you can work on that computer but…). Does anybody knows if there’s a way to schedule at server level? My question is about Navision Application Server. Perhaps with that type of installation you can. Thanks Marco

Yes, ,you can install an application server, give it a unique startup paramater, and write code to automate routines. Check out the application server documentation from navision. I did this in a test environment, but our client ended up purchasing the job scheduler in service management due to pricing issues. Also, with the job scheduler, if you are using citrix/terminal server, you can actually have a session running for user who is running the scheudler, without leaving a computer techincally “logged on”, you can just disconnect from your terminal server connection and let it run.