Scheduling a report to run

Hi I want to schedule a report (basically a batch job) at a surtain time of the day so that it can run. Let say I want report 50103 to run every night at 23:00. How do I accomplish this?

you could try to plan a task inside windows. install navision on a machine, define a windows login for that machine and let the navision client on that machine enter with the windows login (see the navision documentation for details how to do that) and in the codeunit 1 - LoginStart Function you can check whether this special user has logged on and than can do whatever you want.

Or try the Job Scheduler in Service Management. Search the forum for Job Scheduler.

Hi, LaserNet Output Management contains among other a schedule and sort module. You can read more about it at this link.

You can use Navision Application Server (its free)

Stefan- How do you use NAS to automatically run a report…I’m an NAS noob. [;)]

What is the “Navision Timer” automation dll used for? It has two properties, enabled and interval. I didn;t find any docs on it either … -john

Navision Timer is the greatest! Here’s how to use it: 1. Create a codeunit. Make it a SingleInstance. 2. Create a global variable of type Automation, subtype Navision Timer. Set the property WithEvents to True. 3: In the OnRun trigger type this: CREATE(Timer); Timer.Interval(10000); Timer.Enabled(TRUE); 4: In the “Timer::Timer(Milliseconds : Integer)” trigger type this:Message('Hello World'); Run the codeunit and watch what happens. Do call back, if you need more help.

Since which version of Navision the “Navision Timer” automation is available ?

2.65, if I remember correctly (the first version to include Commerce Portal).

Hi Preben, Excellent, I was looking at something like this, I have to indicate the user if they get any new messages from the other users. I guess i will use navision Timer to achieve this… Thanks a million, venu…

Preben, Smart stuuf, thanks for publicising this. What stops the Codeunit running - is there a parameter or ???

Hallo Jonathan, please try this code: IF NOT VARIABLEACTIVE(Timer) THEN CREATE(Timer); CASE Timer.Enabled() OF TRUE: Choice := 2; FALSE: Choice := 1; END; Choice := STRMENU(‘Start,Stop’,Choice); CASE Choice OF 1: BEGIN Timer.Interval(5000); Timer.Enabled(TRUE); END; 2: BEGIN Timer.Enabled(FALSE); END; END; br Josef Metz

Thanks for all the help guys. Have been away from the internet for a while will try this out and let you know if I get it right or if I need some more help.

Hi Josef You put a stop in but it never gets to fire this code again. How do you suppose the stop is going to work?

Hi Lin, i use the same Codeunit to Start and to Stop the timer. The first time it proposes “Start” and the second time it proposes “Stop”. please keep in mind that you use a SingleInstance-Codeunit. Because of that you have to logout after changeing the code of the Codeunit. br Josef Metz

Hi everybody With navision Timer you need to have 1 client always open? Is there a way to scheduling something without open a client? Normally I use Nas

Cool. Thanks Josef Works fine. thanks a lot. BTW What were/are you coding before Navision? Have this feeling that you have some other programming experience. Call me silly but I just have this feeling.

HI Vesco, How can NAS be used to Run a report. Thanks

Hi Lin, You are rigth with your feeling. I studied computer engineering. There we did programming in Pascal, C, Ada, Cobol and so on. Then i worked 3 years in a company, who developed and sold a tool like Navision. Now i am developing in Navision since 9 years. Hope that answers your questions. br Josef Metz