Scheduling a report on Monthly Basis

Hi all,

There is one report which is scheduled on daily basis, and running very smooth.

but now i need to schedule this report on MONTHLY basis, this option i don’t find in Job Queue Entry.

up till now i have added two fields in Job Queue entry table

Monthly —boolean and

Start Month/End — Date Time.

i modified the code in codeunit - Job Queue Dispacher according to the two new fields but did not worked.

Please help !!!



what code have you written ?

Dear Manish,

For testing purpose,

i have written in codeunit- (Job Queue Dispatcher).


JobQueueEntry.insert/modify… -----// Wherever nessary…

i just need to modify the earliest date/time to 01/01/01 00:00:00 when the report is been processed.



If you are aware of Scheduler of NAV in previous version, there used to be a start date & end date.

You can use the same logic to check the next start date & run the codeunit.