scheduler on Navision 2.60

Is it possible to make a scheduler on Navision 2.60 if yes how can I do? Thanks Andy

Dear Kensuperken If you are running Windows 2000 greater then you could try and use Windows Scripting If you can update the client to 3.6 then you could use something like this. I know this example for Navision Client 3.6 and you are using 2.60 but I hope this might help you a bit. to start Navision and and send Keys to the program. I know this is not elegant but it does work. Don’t quote me on this but this works using windows 2000 and later and Navision Client 3.6. ( 1. Get the URL line by create short cut of program you want to run. 2. And put this URL line in a script. 3. Edit the Script to send keys to the Program Step 1.Get URL Go to the program you want to run. Create short cut From Client File àSendàShort cut to Desktop. Step 2 Create a text file add the following Script code below save file as filename.wsf Then Copy the URL line (with quotes) into the script after the command WshShell.Run Then it User Name AR , which is character ~. Password Then there a few more to get the programming running. ç======Start of Script Ignore this line ç=============== END OF Script Ignore this line Regards Graham

Convert the Navisio Scheduler in version 3.7 to 2,6 and change the ID to the range 50000

Create a table and a form based on it. **OnTimmer** SelectLatestVersion; setfilter(ScheduleDate,'>=%1', TODAY); setfilter(ScheduleTime,'>=%1', TIME); if find('-') then DoSomeStuffHere; end; Or something like that … PS you could use a DateTime field instead.

thank you to all. Can you explain better how to run a codeunit with this method? I’m not very skilled on Navision. when I put the shortcut I don’t find the url sorry Help me please Andy

You cannot create a short cut to and object in the object designer, (Shame on you Navision, Just think what modelling you could do.) If you add you code to the menu than id you are using Client 3.6 then you will be able to create a short cut. Regards Graham

Now I can run a codeunit with your script. my question is how can I put the cursor on ID column of codeunit table? Because if the cursor is on this column my script works fine if not it doesn’t work at all. thanks andy

Dear Andy You will have to navigate your way to the Object Designer Using the following Keysends BACKSPACE {BACKSPACE}, {BS}, or {BKSP} BREAK {BREAK} CAPS LOCK {CAPSLOCK} DEL or DELETE {DELETE} or {DEL} DOWN ARROW {DOWN} END {END} ENTER {ENTER}or ~ ESC {ESC} HELP {HELP} HOME {HOME} INS or INSERT {INSERT} or {INS} LEFT ARROW {LEFT} NUM LOCK {NUMLOCK} PAGE DOWN {PGDN} PAGE UP {PGUP} PRINT SCREEN {PRTSC} RIGHT ARROW {RIGHT} SCROLL LOCK {SCROLLLOCK} TAB {TAB} UP ARROW {UP} F1 {F1} F2 {F2} F3 {F3} F4 {F4} F5 {F5} F6 {F6} F7 {F7} F8 {F8} F9 {F9} F10 {F10} F11 {F11} F12 {F12} To specify keys combined with any combination of the SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT keys, precede the key code with one or more of the following codes. Key Code SHIFT + CTRL ^ ALT % To specify that any combination of SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT should be held down while several other keys are pressed, enclose the code for those keys in parentheses. For example, to specify to hold down SHIFT while E and C are pressed, use +(EC). To specify to hold down SHIFT while E is pressed, followed by C without SHIFT, use +EC. For example to run code unit 52999 Open Object Designer “+{F12}” Go to ID col. “{HOME}{RIGHT}” Find code unit 52999 and run it “52999~%R”


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Is it possible to make a scheduler on Navision 2.60 if yes how can I do? Thanks Andy

I have write function Timer in Navision 2.60 for run reports on specified date and time. if you interesting - i could help you.