Scheduler Job - Cannot read configuration file (repl.cfg)


I am trying to run “Order Run of Scheduler Job” and I receive the following error message:

Cannot read configuration file C:\Program Files\LS Retail\Data Director\Plugins\FinPlugin\CFront\403\repl.cfg\Program returned error

I checked and the file exists.

The setup I am running is the following:
NAV 4.0 SP3
LS Retail 2.13
Also, NAS is installed on another server(64bit platform) then DataDirector services(32 bit platform). I put DD on another server because DD is not working on 64 bit.

Test connections are working.

I ran out of ideas, please help!
Thank you.


Welcome to the Dynamics User Group!

This looks like configuration that LS Retail is using - have you tried their support?

I cannot get in touch with the support easily.

Can you please give me some hints please?

I tried looking even by FileMon(from SysInternals) to see if any of the processes try to touch that location, without success.

I have the feeling however this is something else, not from that file necessarily.

For instance, having NAS and DD installed on the same computer always worked for me. Does having them on different computers is known and supported?

Maybe that file is from DD and it is not accessible by NAS(different computers). Maybe I should setup a fileshare?

It’s really friustrating…