Scheduled data import/export


i’m quite new to AX and would like to ask: how can i automate data migration from/to AX? (from/to databae, let’s say MS SQL sevrer)

(e.g. the daily production datas at the end of every day?)

what is the best solution?

thanks in advance,


Depends on what type of data you want to work with. I have build a few integrations using the AIF. Exporting cusomers for example. The good thing about AIF is that you let the business logic process the data. When importing, for exampel, the business logic checks that you dont import faulty data.

the problem that I would like to solve is exactly:

  1. there is an MS SQL in which i would like to take the daily sales datas from Axapta e.g every day at 0:00

  2. there is a web application and when i update datas in my MS SQL database (through webapp(form)) i have to forward the datas to Axapta

Thanks in advance,