Scandtext of string edit


I create a form with stringedit for barcode scanning, what I want is to get the text value of stringedit please see my code below

public int task(int _taskId)
int ret;
str Scandtext;
ret = super(_taskId);
// if the task id is Enter
if (_taskId ==288)
Scandtext=???çhow to get the value of stingedit?


return ret;

I am newbee in AX dev. and I already search about “.text()” but I don;t know how to code the control specifically

thansk and regards,


set the Auto declaration property of the control to yes, so that you can access it

Hi Kranthi Thank you so much it’s woking well now…

I did this already but is not working but after your reply it is realy convince me so I decided to reset the AOS and it is work now thanks…