Scam e-mail

Over the weekend I got one of those scam e-mails claiming to be from some rich foreign guy who ‘needs my help’ to transfer some obscene amount of money. Naturally, my help involved disclosing certain personal bank details to him. I know there is unlikely to be anyone here dumb enough to fall for this, but this site is the only place where my work e-mail is publically available, so it seems likely they got it form here. It is a well-written e-mail, as far as these things go, so this just a heads-up… Did anyone else get it?

Yep! I got one, I sent my bank details and am now awaiting a deposit of £5 million - the drinks are on me[:)]

Oh, and if it turns out to be genuine, for the love of God please don’t tell me…

I also received the question, from some african prince or something, can’t remember exactly…

These are the known goons from africa. They will let you believe that you are going to become ERIC DAMGAARD. Hope you don’t up as Enron/Arthur Anderson. Regards, Anuj

If you want to have fun every friday, read the weekly Nite Owl Column. Berhard has at least one scam presented per week. e.g.:

and what do you say about mails that invites you to enlarge your penis?.. I am about to enlarge mine because I think that way I’ll never recieve any other again… :wink:

No male has ever invited me to enlarge my penis. If they had i would be highly disturbed… [}:)]

Be careful if you reply to more than one penis enhancing email…I now resemble a tripod…