I would like to know the maximum number of users that Navision SQL server can handle, e.g. could it handle 1000 users at the same time (with just one company in the database)? I searched Partnersource, and, and found some posts saying older versions of Navision had difficulty handling 300 users or 30 companies, but I guess 3.7 and 4.0 could handle more. Thanks in advance. Alastair

Dear Alastair, this question if yours has mainly to do with server capabilities… …remember that the server needs 2 MB memory per session, but since Navision cannot work with more that 1.5 GB memory (Microsoft’s specs), in theory it could accomodate about 700-750 users, but I wouldn’t reccomend this. My experience showed me that with around 300 users, Navision perfoms on an acceptable performance level (performance is always an issue)…what you should look for is how many concurrent users you might have at any given time, because they will be the reason for dragging Navision… Hope I helped m8 [:D]

Thanks for your answer. Daniel Briand from MS Partnersource has similar advice, and it’s good to hear it from two different people:


… Navision was originally designed to run on the Native C/SIDE database … it is not optimized for SQL and it was never designed for 300+ user environments. Under completely optimal hardware and software configurations, we were able to get 300 concurrent users but that was with a huge server and very high end network infrastructure and SAN array using only financials areas