Saving Statement as PDF

Hi guys,

I am working in a client server environment. Have been trying to save customer statement as pdf(Report.SAVEASPDF(… but report isn’t saving to the directory. I have tried other reports like the customer lists and it works well. When I use same parameters to run the report manually, it works well.

Running Nav 2009 R2 RTC client.

Any one with a solution to this problem?


it seems to be the client server issue, for this

you need to create a temp file using the ServerTempfileName in the 3-Tier Automation Mgt. , save the report as pdf to teh server temp file and then use DownloadToFile for downloading the file to to the folder.

Please check Report 9171 for reference.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your imputs. I have tried the above but still not saving. Every other report I have tried saves right but the Customer statement. I have tried the standard unedited Cronus Statement and its also unable to SAVE AS PDF.

Any other advise? Is there anyone who have been able to do this?


Does it mean that you cant see the Save as PDF option?

IF the report has
CurrReport.PREVIEW code then that report wont have any save as options…

I have taken out the CurrReport.Preview code. I need to use the Report.SAVEASPDF(…). All reports work well except the Statement.

CurrReport.PREVIEW code is used in 2 places. did you remove at both places?

I commented CurrReport.PREVIEW code in both places and I can see save as options

Hi Mohana,

Thank you very much for your response. I deleted the CurrReport.Preview from both places but still unable to save. I am able to SAVE as pdf when I preview but not when I write a code to do that.