Saving records on customer/part card

We have a test instance of NAV and are trying to get a feel of how the tool works. Using the test Cronus instance, we are trying to get a feel of how to change a part or customer. Even with user setup with SUPER permissions I have not been able to change a part or customer. It seems as if the change is made to a part or customer, but the table record never gets changed. Is their some intermediate table that the records sit in? Any help is appreciated.


There are certain restrictions on the demonstration license with regards to what you can and cannot do.

As standard if you try to rename a customer or item you are asked if you wish to rename the record, and if you select “Yes” then Navision goes through every appropriate table renaming the record.


It appears as if the record changes (it changes in NAV). I can change a record in NAV, exit out and come back in and the record appears to be changed. But when I go into SQL and look at the table that is supposed to be updated, the record still looks like it originally did.

Cronus license has a limited number of write that database it can do.It reach maximum limit it can’t write it more.
I don’t know if that is your problem.

With table and field are you trying to change?
Witch SQL table are you looking at?

I had to go into Microsoft SQL Server Option for Microsoft Business to make any changes to the table. When I could not make a change, I was in the Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision area. Maybe one has write and the other does not.


This is quite a common issue that you are stated earlier. If you write/Modify a record indirectly to the table and again if you come back then you will not be able to see the changes that you have made to the record, you have to either quit or navigate through the records to view the new changes made to the recordset. I am not sure but you can try the Currform.Update(), this function saves the current record and then update the controls in the form. If you set the SaveRecord parameter to FALSE, this function will not save the record before the system updates the form.