Saving record from page

Hi All,

My question is about saving change of record after changing in the page.

From New table I should call Item Card and if I make changes in that Item card, record should be changed(saved) in the Item table

I try with this:





but after opening the Item page,make change, close page, There are no changes saved in Item Tabe.

I tried this, also:

IF Page.RUNMODAL(30,Item) = Action::LookupOK THEN BEGIN



But also no success .

What seems to be a problem? Is there some other way for doing this?

Thanks In Advance

What do you mean by new table?

Some another table(page), ex: if some condition is satisfied, then run item page with selected record(item) and change that record(item). Am I understandable?

What code you have written to understand what changes need to done in Main table ???