Saving Ax 2009 report to word document

Guys any idea, I saved ax 2009 report by selecting save type HTML and renamed as ArabicInvoice.doc…It saved in word document.The Problem is Tables and alignment is not coming proper in word document.Please let me know any suggestion.



Hi Kiran

You can firstly print the report to the PDF file, and then convert the PDF file to DOC file.

Hi Kiran,

Pls find the below screen shot for report to word document.

Select “file” and give the file path(C:\Users\Sham\Documents\Test.rtf), File Format “RTF”.

Then Click ok and go the path open the test.rtf file. Then you can see the report data in word.

Thank You very much Mukund, Its working fine.Alignment also coming prober like table.:slight_smile: