Save View on Form

I have a couple of forms that I can’t seem to get to save their “View.” In one case it doesn’t retain the last record I looked at before I closed the form. In both cases, they won’t retain the tab that was selected (tab control) before I closed the form. Here are the settings that I think may apply: SaveTableView = Yes SaveControlInfo = Yes SaveColumnWidths = Yes SaveValues = Yes SavePosandSize = Yes What am I missing? Thanks for any help…

To solve this: create global variable FilterBuffer Text[1024]. Create TextBox with Visible=No and SourceExpr=FilterBuffer. On AfterGetRecord write a code: FilterBuffer := GETVIEW(FALSE); and on OpenForm SETVIEW(FilterBuffer);. It’s because the SaveValues property works only for controls.

Thanks…but… Maybe I should have said that we’re on 2.6 because I don’t have GETVIEW or SETVIEW… I also can’t go over 256 for the text variable but I think that’s less of an issue. If you have any other suggestions that would be great.

Check the OnOpenForm(), OnActivateForm(), OnAfterGetRecord() and OnAfterGetCurrRecord() triggers. Also check the ActiveControlOnOpen property.

Dang sv…you’re up late… What am I checking for?

Look out for any code that resets the record or tries to load a specific record. RESET, GET, FIND, NEXT, etc. are a few of the suspects…