Save POS Receipt as File

Hi, Currently, I am trying to customize the print function of the POS Print utility. As I do not have a POS printer at the moment, I hope to save the POS Receipt to a file instead of physically printing it out. Dose anyone know how should i customize the codes? Thanks!

I know nothing about POS Print utility though you should be able to remap COM or LPT port to file. It’s only far in theory but can work [:)]

See if you can use PDF995. It acts as a virtual printer, and converts the print stream to a PDF file.

Hi, I work with this codeunit alot. I assume you are referring to Landsteiner PlusPOS? Basically what I did was simply add 3 new functions: OpenFile,CloseFile,WriteLine to the codeunit and call these from mainly the “PrintSlip” Funciton. the “Writeline” command I add only to the std PrintLine function. Works fine for me. I hope this helps?