Save filters the user puts onto a form

A user goes into a form and puts a filter on a field from the source table for the form. When the user exits the form, what causes the filter to be saved and automatically applied the next time the user goes into the form? I thought it was the SaveTableView property of the form, but in the example of the Customer Ledger Entries form, the filters are not saved, even though this property is . Is this being overridden? It is quite annoying that some forms do save, and some don’t. Thanks, Andy

The property RunFormView is used to set a specific table view. Therefore, it should override the value saved in the zup file when the SaveTableView is YES.

Scott, Thanks - yes, I did not know about the RunFormView property. But in the case of the Customer Ledger Entries, if I change the RunFormView to on the Customer Card PushAction, it still does not save the filtering the user has set. For example, if you look at a customer’s ledger entries, and filter only Payment Types. Close the form and go back in, you see all ledger entry types again. Do you know what is happening?

Hi Andy, To the point mentioned by you reg. applying ‘Payment’ type filter on CLE Form. What did you select from the options ‘Apply’ & ‘OK’ on the filter form. If you 've selected ‘Apply’(and I think so in u r case), the filter isn’t saved when you return back. But if you select ‘Apply’ and then select ‘OK’, your filter settings are preserved. Check and confirm. Regards

Maybe I am doing this wrong. I have Navision Attain 3.01B. I go into the Customer Card (form 21) and set the RunFormView on the properties of the drop-down menu item Ledger Entries to . I then run the Customer Card, Ledger Entries, filter on Document Type = Payment (clicking Apply then OK on the filter window). It only shows Payments on the form, but when I close the form and go back into the ledger entries, it now displays Invoices & all document types. Are you working on a different version of Navision, or am I doing it wrong?

Hi Andy, After your response, i checked and experienced the similar behaviour in Navision Attain 3.10A version also. I’m checking reason for such a behaviour. May be bug. There seems to be a problem in saving user settings to zup file. Regards

Remove the RunFormLink also. The filters will now be saved. I know this is not pratical solution. Take a look at Filter Groups and their use with internal functions which may override the standard behavior we are expecting. RunFormView uses Filter Group 3, the same as SubFormView. Is it possible that RunFormLink used Filter Group 4, the same as SubFormLink.

I checked again. It looks it has nothing to do with RunFormLink,SaveTableView etc. as the problem exists in many places. Check in : 1. Item Card → List(F5) 2. Customer Card → List etc. In above cases also apply Field/Table filter on the list,select ‘Apply’ & then ‘OK’. You’ll see result properly. Now close the form and go back to the list view(???-You’ll see all data w/out the filter applied earlier.) I tried Deleting zup files in my directory and running again also, but same problem. Those who are advising w/out trying first shall advise as me earlier. Regards

Mohammad and Scott, You are talking about things that I have very little knowledge of in Navision - like Filter Groups used by RunFormView and RunFormLink! Interesting, but I’m afraid I can’t contribute much! It would be nice to be able to get to the bottom of this problem though. Thanks for your efforts! Andy

Hi Andy, The concept what i know is the filters on the second window will always be over written with the filters of the first window from where u opened the second window. For ex: filter customer card on balance = 0 then goto customer list (F5).u can c only those customers havong balance = 0.Now filter the customer list with location = blue.close the window and open it again.u can still see the balance = 0 filter but not the location filter.But if u close the customer card and open it again,u can c the balance = 0 filter still on the customer card. conclusion: The first window always saves the filters. the second window filters will be over written by first window filters.This is as far as i know is the same from 2.01 version. depends on ur purpose a minor code may help u or if it is for major reason go for client monitor which will give u full details of every step the user does. Lakshmi Valluru