Save as HTML

Hi evrybody, Can somebody here throw some light to my problem with saving in HTML. I have memos for customers generated coming in one page for each customer in navision. But when it is saved in HTML first 2-3 memos coming in sigle page. Thanks in advance Anu

Mention what is the version of the product? Preferably few of the report names to try from our end.

Hi Padmanabha, Thanks for the mail. We are using version 2.6. Can you send it across if you have any sample reports which satisfies the same. Regards, Anu

If I understand correctly you are printing creadit memos. If you do a preview on the screen is shows you 1 creadit memo per customer. But when you save it as html you get more then 1 credit memo per customer. If I’m right, call The Lone Gunmen. Course I don’t think this could happen. Please check (Make sure) you are not mistaken. Output of a report either preview, print or save as html does not influence the content of the report.

Hello, I had the same understanding of the html-output as Emiel until last week, when we faced the same problem as Anu… the problem is that html does not have a “Pagebreak” function/tag as Navision and therefore several navision print pages may appear on a single html printout. I have no idea how to solve this with html, but we simply print a pdf file from Navision and the pagebreaks are ok. Try using the free pdf printer pdf995 ( Saludos Nils

Hi all, I agree with the previous message, try creating your documents in PDF, it’s much easier and much more stable. The layout in HTML is sometime unpredictable. We already did it with some of our customers and it works fine. You could even use the mailing codeunits in Navision to mail the pdf after creating it.

Ooooh is that what you meant. Make sure you will create a file per customer. Do something like this (Not tested): cust.SETRANGE(foo,bar); IF cust.FIND('-') THEN REPEAT filename := unique; // custname, userid, date, time. SalesHeader.setrange("bill-to-customer no.",""); report.settableview(SalesHeader); report.SAVEASHTML(filename); UNTIL cust.NEXT = 0;

Hi, Dear All, Thanks all for your advice. I couldn’t check the posts here for last few days since i was away. I have downloaded PDF 995 but it is not working. Now i am thinking of having fixed rows in report which enables to avoid free space end of report using some arrays. Best regards, Anu

Hi, My issue is resolved now by creating the report in PDF format. Thanks for all your help on the same. Many thanks, Anu