Save as HTML

Following problem a customer want to save a report as HTML this works fine on his lokal harddisk if he want to save it on a net-drive the Error occurs “The file reportname does already exist” and the report quit (Version 2.01) i dont have any idea -) the file doesn’t exist -) i have delete the zup File -) i have log on as NT administator because i thougt it’s a permission problem its an NT Network an the the path is an mapped Network Drive Does anyone have an idea?? thx. in advance Gayer Rene

You could test for the file name before saving the HTML file. For a simple example: IF EXISTS(HTMLFileName) then begin ERROR(’%1 already exists!’,HTMLFileName); END ELSE BEGIN CurrReport.SAVEASHTML(FileName); END; --Tim Horrigan ------- Tim Horrigan

thx for reply but i have checked this manually and with your example but the file doesn’t exist !!!

We have a client with this same problem after we upgraded them from Financials/US 2.01b to 2.50. They can save to the network directory from Excel or Word but not from Navision. They can save to the C drive then copy to the network ok.

I had similar problem with NF 2.01.A - it was not possible to import or export an object from/to network folder. This problem was on Windows 98. With Windows NT all was working fine.

If you use an NT service for the Naviserver don´t forget to add network rights to the user account the service is running under. The normal system account has NO network rights!

we tried to re-install the Fin -Clients and then it worked however … :slight_smile: thx for all replys !!!

We had the same problem. Advice from NSC was to delete the “/” character in the report name (in object designer). This worked for us.