Save As HTML causes program error

Hi, We’re having a strange problem with reports that we save as HTML. Very occasionally (ie maybe once a week) we will start running the report, and then we’ll get the ‘finsql.exe has caused an error and will be closed by windows’ message. The reports do work otherwise, and it’s not just one report, but it is only if we Save as HTML. We are using Attain 3.01B on SQL 2000. The other unique part is that these are often occuring when the client is running in a Terminal Services session. Does anyone know of any issues there? If anyone has any pointers I’d be glad to hear them. Many thanks Justin

Well… this seems more a technical than a development support question to me.

Hi Justin, Did you check if its a reported bug? Upgrading the executables to 3.10A may help. If on Terminal Services, check out if any restrictions are the reason for problem.

Hi, I did check through the forum to see if anyone had anything similar before I posted [:D] - I couldn’t find anything though.[:(] We are planning an upgrade in the New Year to 3.6, hopefully this will fix it. We are avoiding using Terminal Services where possible for the next week or so to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for your help. Justin Alfonso - Thanks for pointing that out. [;)]