Save as Cue option is disabled

On a custom form, the advance filter options don’t allow to save as ‘Cue’.

This is on a customized list form. I have system admin rights and am able to create cues on standard list forms like sales table, etc.

Are there any conditions, parameters, setup. etc. that is required to allow a form to have ’ Save as cue’ ?

How you are opening this form? If you are opening it from menu item, it should be enabled (without opening the form directly)

Hi Marmik,

There are many reasons why this option might not be available.Is this form opened directly from a module? Or are you opening it from another form? Is it a query or view based form or is it a table/s based form?
You can refer to this link, if it helps:…/hh209495.aspx.
If it still doesn’t help you, provide answers to my questions above so i can help determine the cause.

This is a customized form accessed via a linked menu item on sales & marketing module area page…

Can you post a screen shot of your list page?
Please also provide the details of your form design and data sources.