Save an Warning Text into a new Table

Hey everybody,

i’ll try today to save everytime when a warning text was thrown in a table to save them with date and PalletId into a new Table

can please someone explain to me how i can realize it?

Here is sample code,

static void getWarnings(Args _args)


SysInfoLogEnumerator infoLogEnum;

SysInfologMessageStruct infoMessageStruct;

WarningsTable warningsTable;//table to hold the warning


warning(‘It is a warning 01’);

warning(‘It is a warning 02’);

warning(‘It is a warning 03’);

infoLogEnum = SysInfoLogEnumerator::newData(infolog.infologData());



infoMessageStruct = SysInfologMessageStruct::construct(infoLogEnum.currentMessage());

warningsTable.Warning = infoMessageStruct.message();




Thank you Kranthi, your code shows me the right way!