save a filter or query to use for other users

Hello, I’v searched for a way to save filters, so that one user can save it and another can use it. Apparently, this isn’t possible? Is there a way to do it in software? (Is there a file where these filters are saved? Is there a way to define mulitple queries at design? …) thx for the help, Kathleen

I guess this is a little outdated. But you can try it by copying the record in the SysLastValue table and changing the userId to the one you need. the element type will be something like QueryFilter. It need only a little time to research into.

Im Also Searching this Criteria.Acctually im Using Ax 4.0 SP1.and in it 1 user Save that Report’s Query in jhis login but im admin and i want to share that particular Query to more then 10 right now im doing manually process like login in particular user id and there select that field set range and sorting and print options then i wanna just need that query every time just copy that query and particular paste in particular user