SAP integration

In this topic posted almost two years ago this quesiton was asked: Does anyone have experience on integrating SAP with Navision products? I would like to ask it again, especially since Navision’s Commerce Gateway and ExpandIT’s Business Object Broker has been in the market for quite some time now. What I’m basically looking for is a way to do an easy integration from a subsidiary’s Navision Edition into the HQ SAP solution to request current Stock Avaliablity and to insert Purchase Orders from Navision in the SAP solution.

I recently heard something about DSM (Netherlands) working worldwide on SAP and local business units on Attain. I also heard such story about BASF (Germany)… You might want to contact Foqus about this (member of the international FAQT group) Peter

That is quite common (SAP in the HQ and Attain locally), but normally the only thing you “integrate” is consolidation figures. The difference is that I need online up/down communication. Do you have a web address on this Foqus company?