SAP integration

Does anyone have experience on integrating SAP with Navision products? Any comments or maybe references will be appreciated.

In Navision’ BizTalk demonstration they are sending purchase orders to a SAP system. So maybe this would be the way forward? Best regards, Soren Nielsen, moderator Navision Online User Group

Could you please be a little bit more specific about “integration”? Do you mean just transfer of data from one system to the other (which is very well possible), or do you want to merge both systems into a single solution (which would be slightly more difficult)? John

Didn’t there used to be a UK success story about how “adidas” used Navision at the local level, but SAP at the corporate?

ExpandIT have a solution called BOB (Business Object Broker) which they are rolling out in UK and Denmark for Computer 2000 / Techdata. It links Navision with SAP for integrated document exchange. I have attached a document but e-mail me if you have any difficulties with it. Keith Grinsted Managing Director ExpandIT Solutions UK Ltd Integrated e-business solutions - adding value to your business processes