Samples of Items

How to handle Inventory of samples in Navision Attain ??? Explain elaborately as much as possible.As samples are not connected to the financial aspect of Customer.But it do affect the inventory value of Company and moreover i should co-relate this samples with defined item in the item card.

So to re-cap 1. You need an item card for each sample 2. Samples do not affect the customer financially 3. Samples affect inventory value Do you need to track and follow up the samples? Are the samples taken from stock and differentiate in no manner whatsoever from the standard saleable item? Depending on the answers without any modifications you could sell the items at a zero price, obviously affecting your margin reports but will be tracked in inventory and be valued correctly. Alternatively a seperate item card could be created for samples and handled in this manner, but could be potentially laborious depending upon the number of items you have on inventory. And of course the obvious question - why is this posted in the Known issues forum!

Thanks for ur response Mr.steven, Yes i need to track and follow up samples seperately.I cann’t take them from standard saleable item.In real scenerio i need to view all the different samples of an Item, and from sample card I need to view all the saleable inventory of particular sample.We are under development of a verticle to Granites and Marbles company. Unfortunately i posted this question in this forum,let us continue this here itself

Hi Raja Well using standard Navision, whatever the version, will probably not suffice. I presume your samples are followed up after “x” amount of time and then if they lead to orders this should be noted, and if they do not the reason should be noted. Whilst seperate item cards could be used for samples, they will require some linkage into the saleable item card (I presume the samples have different types due to grade and other material differences, but would be linked to one main item card?). I am not experienced in the actual implementaiton of samples, but obviously the theory is broadly known. I think you will have to modify the system to the requirements of the end user. If you are entering a vertical market that requires a samples solution, then you have two options: 1) design a complete samples solution (or base one you can tweak for specific customer requirements) 2) Locate an add on With regards to option 2 I have posted a post in the forum on here with regards to add on’s for you.

Thanks Mr.Steven, I am not able to co-relate any features of Navision with samples as they are really different. Any how still we are under understanding the ground circumstance of samples handling .Let us hope we will come with good concept.

Hai Steven, I have a different scenario for the problem above… Can’t we use the same item card and have seperate tab for samples(in item card), where we can have different types of samples for a single item. Can i do this way? Thanx & Regards