same user access different companies and different roles?


For one of our client, user say ‘Rosy’ has access to 2 different companies. But the roles are different in both the companies. She does SALES in COMPANY A and PURCHASE in COMPANY B. supposing we 2 different roles but how can we seperate the menus rosy can view when she signs into different companies. i.e when rosy signs into COMPANY A she should be able to only see SALES - Menu and when she signs into COMPANY B she should be able to view PURCHASE - Menu only. My questions is this possible with one user ID or do i have to create 2 USER ID’s for 2 companies?


One userID is possible

hi Imran can you let me know how do you set it up with one user. Thank you

In the permission list of the users role, setup the security filter. for each company, it will be different security filtration.

i have tried it before posting the query here, but wasnt successful. what i need here is to restirct the view based on company. thanks

i saw a such issue in a NAV add on, they created additional tables for menu/submenu assignment per user/company. and when the user log in, he will see the parts of the navigation pane that were previously set up for him, with default views and so.

i’m not sure if this can be done in standard