Same Sales Invoice Document Number MultiUser


We had the following problem and was wondering how this can be avoided:

Two persons were creating a Sales Invoice and they both got the same document number, but they we’re able to select another customer. While inputting the sales lines, suddenly the sales lines from the first person, appeared in the document of the second person with the same document number. Questions:

  • How could this happen that they both received the same document number?

  • Can you avoid this?

Already lots of thanks,

I never got that type of error, but I guess you are talking about the same invoice.
Document number it’s a primary key of that table, so you can’t have duplicate document numbers. I guess users are editing the same document.
During number of series assignment is made a table lock, so it’s impossible do have duplicate numbers.

I agree with Nuno, the l\okign should prevent this. Though I know that there was a bug like this in Navision, it was fixed a long time ago. What version is this? And has anyone modified the code, or can you duplicate this in base Navision.

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I think probably the following happened: After posting an invoice the first user came back on the only record in the database (which was the newly created record by user two, created while user one was posting) and thaught that he (first user) created this invoice and started selecting the customer. At the same time the second user also selected his customer. This way they were working on the same document but had a different customer due to refreshing. Strange thing was that none of them got an error that somebody change the record or something like that, they still had on there document a different customer and were already started adding lines which appeared after while in the other users document. So apparently the lines were refreshed but the header not because the customer was different, it was only because of suddenly appearing a new line the first user noticed something was wrong.

(No customizations were made to nor the sales header nor the series managment, NAV 4.03)