Same number sequence with multiple formats in AX 2012

Hello All,

I have a requirement as follows.

I want to create a single number sequence but it should accept multiple formats.

Is it possible?

I want this as i want to attach different number sequence to each of my product variant created.

Dear Lalit,

you can achieve this if you are a good developer or if you have good developer in your team.

you can set number sequence on basis of legal entity, company, business unit, operation unit, or category hierarchies etc.

thanks & Regards.

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Each number sequence has a single format.

Do you need a single sequence or multiple sequences? Let’s say you have two formats (A# and B#) and you’re assigning numbers in turns. Is your expected results A1, B2, A3, B4… or A1, B1, A2, B2…? In the former case, you’ll need a single sequence (you can add the prefix in code). Otherwise use multiple sequences.