Same main account

Hi All ,

In AX , we have the subledger and main ledger .

Same main account can be attached to multiple subledgers , but system never throws any error.

when it comes Bank subleder , system would throw the error when try to attach the same main account to another bank account .

It will throw error , but still we can attach the same main account to multiple bank accounts.

What would be your experience when it comes Bank module , do i need to maintain the different main accounts for each bank or single account is enough.

Please share the pros and cons regarding the one main account to multiple bank accounts.

Thanks in advance.

Hi ,

It depends on your requirement. . Maintaining multiple bank accounts gives you a clarity on various transactions done in a particular bank . When you view the COA itself you can view the transactions of a bank, no need to go to bank module and look for transaction. The reconcillation process is simple and has clarity if you maintain multiple COA, for example if you are making any adjustment like, interest related entry or cheque deposited in bank not accounted in AX, etc, if it is against an exclusive COA, even in future you will have clarity why these adjustments are made .

There is nothing wrong in linking single COA for multiple Bank Accounts but you will lack the advantages as mentioned above