Same Item repeated with different lengths in Production BOM

Hi All,

I have a Production BOM for a Frame.

From Engineering BOM point of view it has 4 pieces:

Left, Right, Bottom and Top.

Considering the Four sides are using the same ITEM, what is the best approach in creating the Production BOM for this Frame?

In my Head I have two ways:

  1. Four “same” ITEMs with different Lengths in four rows of BOM table

  2. Just One ITEM with TOTAL Length (Left+Rigth+Bottom+Top) in one row of BOM table

I know when I post the journal BC will put the whole thing together and works with the TOTAL but in my head (As an Engineer) I think there should be a benefit having the breakdown of Left,Right,Bottom & Top there.

Please share your thoughts




It depends if you want the L, R, T, B to be sub-assemblies and have them on inventory. If yes, then you will create 4 Items and the Master BOM for the Finished Good calls the 4 Items. However, if the Frames are custom and not repeatable, I don’t see a reason to create 4 Items but rather 1 Item that calls the Raw Material with a TOTAL length of the required L, R, T, B and your routing will perform the cut and weld/attachment.

Also, if you sell common, repeatable Frames, with set lengths, then your Finished Goods Production BOM can call the correct TOTAL length of the raw material item. If you want to stock the L, R, T, B then consider the sub-assembly Items.

Hope this helps.