Same Invoice-numbers

Hi, I have a question regarding invoice-numbers. One of our customers wants to use the same invoice# on the Invoice and Posted-Invoice when you type in the invoice# MANUALLY. For some reason Navision doesn’t allow you to do that. Why is that?

Roelof, Navision will let you do what you have requested. Just don’t assign a number series to the Invoice & Posted Invoice fields(Setup, Sales & Receivables Setup, Numbering tab). If there is no number series, the system assumes the number is manual and will use the same manual number entered as the posted number. Regards, Diana Diana Burton Beck Consulting, Inc.

But the problem is that the customer wants to keep the automatically invoice-numbering aswell.

No Problem Use the same “No Series” for both in the Sales Setup Invoice No Series = SINV Posted Invoice No Series = SINV Navision will only assign a new number if the No Series Differs Mr David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

Hi Roelof, You will need to set up 2 different number series for: 1. Invoice No’s - assign a numbering sequence and check both default number & manual number. 2. Posted Invoice No.'s - do not assign a numbering sequence and check only manual number. 3. Assign the number series in the S&R, Setup, Number Series tab Example: Code Description Start# End# Default# Manual# S-INV Sales Invoice 1001 1999 Yes Yes S-INV+ Posted Invoice No Yes That should do it…it worked for me. Diana Burton Beck Consulting, Inc.

Thanks Diana, This worked. Because the client needs both options: automatically and manually.

oops, I was a little too quick with my ‘thank you’. It still doesnt work. For some reason, if I type in a manually invoice#, Navision asks me to specify a posting no series. Weird because all the setups seems to be fine.

Roelof I had a quick look at this problem As per my previous posting you use the same Number Series for both Un-posted and Posted Invoices, then Number Given to the Invoice will be carried through to the Posted Invoice. If you mark the Number Series with Manual Numbers you will need to Adjust the Code on the Sales Header table to Populate the “Posting No.” field when a Manual Number is Entered, Conditional if the Document type = Invoice of course, This will then be the Number Carried Across to the Posted Invoice. Mixing Automatic and Manual numbers on the Posted Invoices seems Inconsistant for Auditing Purposes! Mr David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

David, What I did to solve this issue is that I changed Code-unit 90 (for the purchase side) like this: . . . IF Invoice AND (“Posting No.” = ‘’) THEN BEGIN IF (“No. Series” <> ‘’) OR (“Document Type” = “Document Type”::Order) THEN TESTFIELD(“Posting No. Series”); //>>MAS // IF (“No. Series” <> “Posting No. Series”) OR (“Document Type” = “Document Type”::Order) THEN BEGIN IF (“Document Type” = “Document Type”::Order) THEN BEGIN //<< “Posting No.” := NoSeriesMgt.GetNextNo(“Posting No. Series”,“Posting Date”,TRUE); ModifyHeader := TRUE; END; END; . . . This change gave me the ability to use the same invoice# (automatically and/or manually input). Roelof.