Same input item as output item in manufacturing.

We are using NAV2016. In manufacturing is it now possible to use the same input item as the finished item. I know it was not possible back in version 5, but are unsure in the newer versions. This is to recost the item by adding extra cost such as relabelling or repacking.

Hi Steve,

No it’s not possible in NAV 2016 either. You need to “produce” a “new” item, to get a new cost.
Otherwise how can you see on you inventory how many you have which have been relabeled or repacked?

But you maybe you can use a combination of item no.'s and “variants”, and this way keep the same item number, if that’s what you need.

Thanks Eric. Inventory control is not an issue as we use lot control and the “new” inventory would be tagged with a sub-lot number.

Now I think about it, then you could also be using Item Charges, and apply those to the items. Or you can use the inventory revaluation journal.