Same data in 'No.' field in Production BOM page.


In ‘Production BOM’ page within the Lines fasttab whenever I entered a type ‘Item’ & a ‘No.’ which was already there it’ll take it again. But it shouldn’t be like this. The ‘No.’ field must not take the same numbers in subsequent entries.I test this by creating another primary key as ‘No.’ but it doesn’t helped me.

Can anyone suggest me how should I proceed??

Thank You,

Hi rajat
Have you Set the Line Table with Primary Key No. Or what where you did the changes.
If you say in Details that can help you.
By The Way why dont you Remove Line No. in Keys And See the Results…

Yeah, I have set the Line Table with Primary Key No., Still I didn’t get the desired result. I have been instructed to use TestStatus function which is located within C/AL Globals > Functions. But I don’t know where to use it.Can You help me out!

what are the Pages and Tables you looked