Salvage Value vs Ending Book Value

I am using NAV 4.0 SP3 fixed assets.

What is the main difference between Salvage Value and Ending Book Value ?

I have a vehicle that cost 20,000.

No matter what, the value of the car after it is fully depreciated will be 1,000.

Would this be my salvage value or my ending book value ?

Can someone help me out ?


Salvage is a calculated amount in real time - so if you wish your FA will not be depreciated below some value, you must set the Ending Book value.

I am not really sure what you mean when you say ‘salvage is a calculated amount in real time’.

So if my car was 20,000, and the salvage value is 1,000, in real time, my car is worth 19,000 right now?

So for depreciation, I can still depreciated it until zero ?

Ending Book value is the one you need for yor purpose - set it to 1000 for your vehicle, and it will not depreciate below this value.

This field is normally hidden, Unhide it, besides, you may have to set Allow Changes in Depr. Fields to Yes in corresponding Depreciation Book card, if Navision cries this field is not editable anymore.

That means it is a FlowField, summary of ever posted salvage entries. sorry, amounts, as special Salvage entries does not exist.


Okay, my example aside.

Can you give me 2 exmaples. One example where Net Book Value is used, and one where Salvage is used. Thanks. I just want to make sure if know the difference between the two.