SalesTable header line view switch performance



performance issue when user switch SalesTable form from default Header to Line view. I made a lot of measurements and it takes from 1 up to 55 seconds depends on user. Issue is only noticed when user switch it 1st time on opened form. Then form could be switched line<>header view without issues. When form is closed and opened again issue can be experienced again or not. No rule on that.

What was tried:

I tried to improve it customizing the code in run() method using:

task(1320); → initial switch to header view by code. once it done on form initialization than no more issues for user when it’s fully opened. It was slightly better, bud still not acceptable and similar times were experienced;

  1. then changed again to

headerView.activatePage(); → equivalent to task(1320) but working faster, however users still experience serious issues.


  1. do you experience the same?

  2. Any ideas/ experience with that performance issue?

Guys, anybody? any ideas?

Did you try collecting more information with TraceParser?