Salesperson code as Salescompany code

Hello everyone,

I would change the page Sales Order cell ‘Salesperson Code’. As a ‘Salescompany code’ with a sub cell with sales person.

Can you help me to manage this.


P.S. : Sorry for my english, i’m french.

Hi, Do you have a developer licence? Do you want to change the name on all Pages ? or only in one Pages

just send me A picture where you want to change this and i will be able to help you :). I just need to understand are you talking a bout a field in the page ?


Exactly what i want to do is add a sub-name into table 13 to add some sales person to a sales manager.

Ex :


  • Salesperson 1
  • Salesperson 2
    COMPANY 2 :
  • Salesperson 1
  • Salesperson 2
  • Salesperson 3
  • Salesperson 4

Actually we have only Salesperson and we need to affect them to a company.

Many thanks for your help.

P.S. : Yes we have a dev licence.

Hi, So if I understood you correctly you want to :

  1. Add first a new field into table 13 -------> this field will be like the group that those sales person belong to

If this is right :slight_smile: then follow those steppes:

  1. Go to the object designer by pressing shift+F12 (or by Tools/Object designer )
  2. Go to table 13 amd press design
  3. go to a new line and enter the new field like this

Field No = the number that you want
Field name = the name that you want
Data Type = Code
Length = 20 (if the name will be longer then increase this)

Now after this save the table and run it. then start filling the new field with the sales manager value :slight_smile:

if you needed more help tell me :wink:
Best regards,

HI Moïse,

Not sure if your problem is solved or not. But allow me to ask a follow-up question to you.

First was is “company” in this content? Is it “your” company, or the company the sales person works for?

You mention company 1 and company 2. But you also list Salesperson 1 under both company 1 and 2. Is Salesperson1 the same person in both cases?
If yes, and then what you need is to allow the users to select which “company” sold the product, or if no, do you need the company to be filed out when selecting the salesperson. Meaning is there a fixed relation between the sales persons and the company?