Salesman for a customer (Sales responsible)


I have a question about assigning a Sales responsible person to a customer as defualt

E.g Customer C001 has been assigned to Salesman S01 and when ever we make a Sales order this Salesperson should automatically appear on the Sales Order as Sales Resposible and if needed we can change at the sales order level, but the question is How can i store this informaiton at Customer level?

Or any other work around?

My only requiirement is i should have a default salesman for a customer which i can chage at transaction level if needed,


You can use dimensions for this. You can create dimension for your salesman and attach this dimension to the customer: AR>>Customer Details> Dimension tab. The default that you can use on a customer level is the sales group only not the salesman.

The system gets the sales responsible value as the employee assigned to the user creating the sales order. With a little customization you can get the expected.

The sales person is already written as the sales group on the setup tab in the commission section. Leave the sales responsible as the person entering it and use the sales group for the sales person responsible and any commission reporting.

In Setup-Commission-Sales group:

i have created a record and clicked on the SALES REP button and created a new record where i assigned an employee.

Can you please tell me how i can make this employee appear automatically on the Sales order


The employee does not, the sales group does.

I think this is a bug. There is already a field called “Sales Taker” that defaults to the user that is entering the Sales order. The sales responsible field Should default to the Employee responsible that is listed on the Customer master. At present, both the sales taker & sales responsible fields are defaulting with the user who is entering the sales order, this is redundant.

Hi Karen,

I encountered the same. Have you found a solution? Or any workaround?


Same problem here, sales group is not helping, i need default sales taker and sales responsible when creating sales order.

any help?



i have same problem. i modify the method initfromCustTable() on table SalesTable.

in this method find out the customer’s contact person and assign it to the SalesTable Contact person field.but now in form, when i select customer, field sales responsible, get null. any solution?