Salesline modifiedField method is not firing


I have noticed that Salesline modified field is not firing even if the saleline field modified.

This is easy to reproduce ( I even reproduce in VM box) Any sales order header view edit delivery mode and change it a different delivery mode than currently assigned . After the editing you will see the the salesline dlv mode is changed as per sales header . However I don’t see modified filed is not fired though it is modified.

Standard AX achieve this by using Axd and AxTable classes . Dlv mode is setting at AxSalesTable setdlvmode method and it is saving there. Ideally at this point modified filed suppose to firing . Any specific reason. I have to add a custom code at modified field . At this point I don’t want to modify Axd classes as it is integrated and more test cases to covered .

Thanks in advance

Hi Umesh,

Case-1: From UI if you are trying to edit the dlv mode on SaleLine or may be any field on salesline, the modifiedField method present on SalesLine will always be called. Can you please check if the debugger is enabled.

Case-2: When you are performing the same operation via AIF this modifiedField method will NOT be called as the operation is NOT being performed via UI and thats the standard behaviour of AX.

There are AxBC classes and Axd classes to achieve certain things. If you can let me know your exact scenario like what you want to achieve , I can help you with my inputs.


Thanks for the quick turn around.

My scenario is not both the of above cases. I am updating SalesTable (header ) dlv mode , which is updating automatically salesline , this is a standared AX behavior no custom here. However standard AX achieving this by calling Axd classes . Though it is Form change internally it is calling through Axd classes that is why . This makes sense.