SalesInvoiceContract object not initialized.

Hi guys i am getting this error AX2012 when printing the sales invoice. I have made the full X++ compile and also Full CIL compile but still the error is not resolved.

Please i will appreciate any help i am stuck on this issue.

SalesInvoiceContract object not initialized.

Stack trace

(C)\Classes\SalesInvoiceController\preRunModifyContract - line 66

(C)\Classes\SrsPrintMgmtController\outputReports - line 65

(C)\Classes\SalesInvoiceController\runPrintMgmt - line 85

(C)\Classes\SrsPrintMgmtController\run - line 14

(C)\Classes\SysOperationController\startOperation - line 10

(C)\Classes\SrsReportRunController\startOperation - line 12

(C)\Classes\SrsPrintMgmtController\startOperation - line 14

(C)\Classes\SrsPrintMgmtFormLetterController\startOperation - line 14

(C)\Classes\SalesInvoiceController\main - line 99


(C)\Classes\MenuFunction\run - line 85

(C)\Forms\CustInvoiceJournal\Designs\DesignList\SalesInvoiceOriginal\Methods\Clicked - line 46

Hello Kami,

I don’t know how are you initializing the Contract class object.

I also face the contract “not initialised” error in a couple of classes with no apparent reason, like in the code below:

MyAbcContract contract = new MyAbcContract();

What I did was just split the above into two statements;

MyAbcContract contract;

contract = new MyAbcContract();

The error was gone. I don’t know the reason but it happened after applying CU7 as I remember.

May be it help you.