SalesInvoice SSRS report tablix data member visibility issue


I have investigated SalesInvoice report and was wondering how separate sections (e.g. TaxTrans) are printed on the report.

I was looking where visibility of the TaxTrans row is set in order not to show non TaxTrans rows from dataset.

Visual designer was useless in finding it then I have tried to simply search (for ShowTaxTrans usage) and I found strange part of the rdlc report:

Detail =iif(Fields!ShowTaxTrans.Value = "Yes", False, True) Detail_Collection Output true

The question is, can TablixMember have its own TablixMembers and how to see them on the design?

If I try to create the similar tablix in the other tablix row I do not get such rdlc code (no TablixMembers in TablixMember).

I just found out :slight_smile:

The reason why I could not see the visibility of the row in the details group is because it is the only row in that group. When you select row visibility of the single row in that group it shows you detail’s group visibility (not row’s visibility). The cure is to create another row in the details group, then you will be able to see each rows visibility.

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I am facing the kind of problem in sales invoice report. The scenarios here is

  1. sales price=0.00 and charges=350.00

  2. sales price=0.01 and charges=350.00.

The charges tablix table (table10_Details_Group) data row is not diaplaying in the report for scenario1. But column names are displaying. Means that tablix row is not displaying for scenario1. But it is displaying for scenario 2 (if sales price <>0).

Then based on your comment i have gone thru the code and found the following piece of code.

Detail =iif(Fields!SalesBalance.Value=previous(Last(Fields!SalesBalance.Value)),True,False)

But adding a new row doesn’t solve the problem. So i have changed the hidden tag like this


But still i am not succeeded. Any comment would greatly help us.

I could not catch what is the problem? What you are trying to achieve?