salesInvoice report printing description twice


As PopulatesalesInvoiceTmp() populate description in tmp table as salesinvoicetmp.Name = which uses nameandordescription() that returns the name twice so invoice report have description printed twice.

Here i am trying to print description only once on report so i created extension of SalesInvoiceDP class and reassigned name into tmp table using COC for populateSalesInvoiceTmp() method.

Assigned name like salesInvoiceTmp.Name = inventTable.ProductName(_custInvoiceJour.LangugeId, _CustInvoiceTrans.InventDimId);

but this Product name method is returning empty value so i my description in report is empty.

Code for ProductName()

Public EcoResProductName ProductName( LanguageId _LanguageId, InventDimID InventDimId = InventDim::inventDimIdBlank()))


EcoResProduct productRecId = this.getProductRecId(_InventDimId);

return EcpResProdcut::find(productRecId).productName(_LanguageId);


Can anyone give me correct way of using ProductName() so it returns the name properly.