SalesInvoice problem after Kernel Rollup 3


A customer just installed the kernel rollup 3.
When the SalesInvoice fetch method loops through the custInvoiceTrans table
there is a problem that in the first loop (only the first)
custInvoiceTrans.recId will be blanked out after used in
this.send(custInvoiceTrans). No other fields are blanked out.
So when the code hits docuSend::… nothing is found.

Its easy to go around this problem, but I dont want to go around…
Anyone now about this?

while (
custInvoiceTrans = tradeLoopTrans.get(tablenum(custInvoiceTrans));
this.send(custInvoiceTrans); ← This clears recId field, but only in the first loop

if ((CustFormletterDocument::find().docuOnInvoice == docuOnFormular::Line) ||
(CustFormletterDocument::find().docuOnInvoice == docuOnFormular::All))
Docu::send(this, docuRefSearch::newTypeIdAndRestriction(custInvoiceTrans, CustFormletterDocument::find().docuTypeInvoice,

Question has been asked before on the forum, but there was no answears…

Best regards

Hi Jacob,

For your information, I 've exactly the same problem ! (Correct in the code… Save the CustInvoiceJour Table in a common variable and cut the link between the common variable and the cursor ‘CustinvoiceJour’ → If you don’t cut the link, the common variable is updated like CustinvoiceJour)

And is not finished… In the salesInvoice, If you place a footer on the CustInvoiceJour table (for exemple), the system execute the footer just before all record… And not at end.(last record)

KR3 is catastrophic… The bareCode 39 remove the first character of a string… Try to print an employee card :wink:

And I think it’s the begining…

If you have found a patch to correct the salesInvoice… Please don’t forget me :wink:

Good day,

Dimitri Jadin