SalesId lookup

Hai All,

We have EDT named salesId.i dragged this and put it in new table. Now when we right click the field and choosed “view details” then it will link “SalesTable” form.

Where this linking “SalesTAble” form is defined. I have checked EDT and many places but cant find.

My requirment is, I want to link “ReturnItemNum” field in sales table to return orders form(FormNAme is “ReturnTable”).


Hi Chakradhar,

This is due to SalesID has been set relation to sales Table at EDT level. Also it has reference set to Sales Table. U should do the same to get your EDT linked with that form. Create a reference at EDT level which will link to this form.

Hope you get the solution.


It takes the form(display menu Item) assigned to the FormRef property of the salesTable, if nothing is assigned, will try to find a form with the same(table) name(in this case it is showing the salesTable form).

Your requirement should have been handled by the jumpRef method of the ReturnItemNum field in the salesTable(formDataSource).

Thanks Tiwari and Kranthi