SalesId EDT - lookup fields

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At EDT node in ax 2012 sales id is there if we use that edt at any table … it showing look up with many fields …that sales id edt have EDT level relation like salesid== salestable.salesid … I checked at sales table auto look-up there is no fields at auto look-up group and also i checked at title filed one and two … its not matching with that look-up fields … can any one clear my query from where that look up fields fetching …

The additional fields are first fields from each index (there seems to be a limit of ten fields).

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AS my knowledge. Look-up filed comes from auto look-up fields. If fields its not there in auto look-up. fields priority goes to title filed one and two . But this scenario fields are coming first field of every filed group … why its coming like that

can u clear my query …

Index, not group. Why? Because Microsoft designed it in this way. Sorry, I don’t have any better answer.

By the way, it’s documented on Axaptapedia since 2006, so it’s nothing new.