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What was hypothetical yesteryear’s is today’s real time question is hypothetical but need a solution

I am running a retail store selling mobile phones of various makes. I sell in shop as well online.I have x-brand/model-y 10 nos in stock. One of my regular customer has ordered 10 nos of these phones for his employees, order entered in nav and about the same time an internet customer ordered for same item and order is booked and payment realized.

Assuming that those models or now not in supply i have to dissatisfy one of either customers which definitely is no good option.I could have saved from this situation if my software has reserved the stock for my first order.

My question here is how NAV handled it? is there any reservation feature so that internet order could have been avoided


Not a reply but continuation of question

How can i stop order bookings for items which are discontinued or not in supply, but for quantities i have in stock.


it’s possible to reserve items in sales lines.


also check reordering policy