Sales VAT Account must have a value in VAT Posting Setup

Hi Guys,

Can any one help me out with this error.

We have not implemented VAT and when I post a Statement it ends up with this error.

Error: Sales VAT Account must have a value in VAT Posting Setup: VAT Bus. Posting Group=NO VAT, VAT Prod. Posting Group=NO VAT. It cannot be zero or empty.


Hi David,

Witch is the VAT type? If it’s normal and have a 0% of VAT, the system needs to create a VAT entry with base and no VAT amount, and a G/L entry with 0 amount, that’s why require the VAT accounts in VAT posting setup.

In Spain (I don’t know if it’s Spanish localisation or a global one) we have an option that do not generate VAT entry, and no GL Entry. I don’t remember how it says in English, but in Spanish is “No sujeto” (not subject?).

Hi David,
If you have not setup and is not going to use the VAT functionality in NAV, then just make sure that you don’t have any VAT Product or business posting groups setup on you customers/items.

Thank You…Solved…!!!

Hi David
you have to go VAT Posting Setup and you have to Define VAT Sales Account

Many thanks