Sales Tool ?

Hey people, I am looking for an Add on in Navision, that is like a kind of Sales Relation Tool.( eg. like Act2000) Our Marketing/Sales People want to have an Sales Force Automation Tool. Were they can put thier Notices, Action (Order,Call,Mail) handel. Anyone know some kind of stuff ! Thanks for your help … ------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert

Try Contact Management module included in standard Navision Fianancials version.

The Standard module in Navision is not very powerful, i can’t create Lettern and no action Lists that shows the diffrent “do tos” with the contactperson. But thnaks anyway … ------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert

Perhaps you might like the Matriks Doc addon.Link Jim Hollcraft aka Skater Unauthorized Navision News Link Edited by - Jim Hollcraft on 6/16/00 10:58:41 PM